My name is Jackie Espejo (pronounced just like the Spanish word for mirror) and I am the graphic designer, artist, entrepreneur and creative collaborator behind Bread Slice Design. My design work was formerly established as Espejo Designs in 2012 and relaunched in 2017. If you ask me "What do you do?" I'd say I create, design and learn. I enjoy being that person you come to when you have are ready and confident to show the world what you can do. I learn best by doing and if I can do what I love by helping others thrive, you are a part of my journey as I am to yours.
I was born and raised in East Side San Jose, CA as the youngest of five siblings and first generation Filipina-American to divorced immigrant parents. Throughout my life so far I have sparked interest, pursued and expressed myself through art, doodling, writing, design, poetry, music, crafts, video, motion graphics and photography. When hardships came, my imagination and creativity was always there when I needed to escape.
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