The mission of Bread Slice Design is to help growing brands present themselves authentically as a reflection of their own business, values, and endeavors through brand identity. Its core values have evolved through the years yet have always centered around versatility, trust, momentum and growth.

Formerly known as Espejo Designs, it was rebranded as Bread Slice Design by founder Jackie Espejo, a Filipino-American creative entrepreneur and graphic and brand designer born and raised in East Side San Jose, CA. She graduated from the Art Institute of California in Silicon Valley with both an Associate and Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design. With almost a decade of professional experience and a lifetime of curiosity, her designs began in the San Francisco Bay Area and has reached across the United States as well as cities throughout Europe and East Asia. Her array of work and clientele ranges from nonprofit organizations, established businesses and entrepreneurs working in various industries such as music, entertainment, retail, fitness and political campaigns.
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